Scissor Cut – $40

We will create the men’s haircut style you want with just the basics. Our talented barbers will use our sharpest blades to craft the perfect cut for you.

Style Cut – $35

Our barbers are trained in all the latest styles and classic cuts. Let us create the style you want taking into consideration hair texture, length, and maintenance expectations.

Buzz Cut – $20

We take it down to a short, military-style cut. Lengths can vary, so you will consult with your barber beforehand to make sure we buzz it down to the right length.

Hot Towel Shave – $40

This service starts out with a hot towel wrapped over the face to relax and prep for a close shave. Next, our barber will complete the shaving service you want to shape your beard or deliver a perfectly smooth, complete shave.

Kids Cut – $25

Our barbers are trained and comfortable working with the youngest men. We can buzz, trim, and cut your young man’s hair just the way he likes it.

Razor Fade – $50

This men’s style is closely trimmed lower down with a gradual lengthening of the hair blending into the top of the head. A razor is used to keep the style tight and precise.

Beard Trim – $20

We will shape up your beard including cheek line shaping, neck clean-up, and overall cleanups. Our barbers can provide maintenance trims as well as shaping services.

Senior – $30

Our barbers can work with even the most distinguished of gentlemen. This service is specifically for senior men to enjoy a men’s haircut or trim with us.